Copper Tin Essential Oil Candle

Copper Tin with lid. This candle is individually handmade with a natural Coconut & Rapeseed wax and Citronella & Lemongrass Essential oil. Known for its insect repelling properties it is made from 100% natural essential oil ingredients. A combination of sharp citrus, herbal greenery and soft florals


This stunning aroma known for its insect repelling properties is made from 100% natural ingredients that will instantly brighten your day. With its 100% Essential oils, enriched by the insect repellent citrepel, it makes the perfect outdoor candle.
Beautiful Copper tinned candle with lid, 20cl. With traditional wick.
Natural Rapeseed and coconut wax blended with Essential Oil Citronella & Lemongrass.
Dimensions: width 77 millimetres, height 65 millimetres.
I'm fully insured, CLP compliant and each and every one of my products are handmade by me in my workshop in a small town in central Scotland.


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